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A Jealous fox 4 Teaser
  "I don't like this." Kurama thought. He was waiting at a cafe around the morning. He stared warily at his full cup of tea.
        "This is for (name). I promised that I at least try to work this out with Yomi." He thought.
        "Kurama. I'm glad you've decided to accept my invitation." Yomi said coming in with a sharp black suit with his cane.
        "You said this was about (Name)." Kurama said trying to be patient.
        "Of course. Coffee please." he told the waitress. She nodded and left. 
        "Well?"  Kurama said impatiently. 
       "I must admit that I was surprised when I met (Name). I never expect her to be genuinely in love with you. I was even more shocked to see you felt the same way."
        The waitress gave Yomi his coffee. 
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Love letter Kurama X Reader :iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 2 1
Avatar Wan X Reader 5
     I don't own any of the Avatar characters!

    "Pirates! Are you serious?!" You shouted.
    "It's true Lass! You all stay put while we deal with the scum!" The old man said running back on deck.
    "You can't do it alone!" you said worried for the old man. 
    "Don't worry I'll...uhg.....I..Don't feel good." Wan said looking very pale holding his hands to his stomach.
    "Wan? Are you ok?" you said with a worried look.
    "Fine...ugh....perfectly-" then Wan ran to the other side of the boat and puked.
    "Great. He's seasick." you said shaking your head.
    "Stay put!" the old man said as he went back on deck.
    Boom! The boat rocked again.
    "We have to help!" you thought as you tried to go up.
    "No.....stay here! I'll....ugh.... help the man! I asked him to help us. It's only rig
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The End of the world Kurama X Reader

    What would you do if the world ended? How would you spend your time? Who would you be with? What would you say?
    How did it go so wrong so fast?
    The Sky was blood red. Earthquakes trembled the area. Lighting crackled in the sky, instilling fear into everyone in the city.
    We lost.
    Humanity is doomed.
    A S-class demon came to destroy the human world. He was big and looked like a red ogre with 4 arms and one huge eye. The Demon hated humans for hunting them years ago. He used lower class demons to find a way to destroy the Kekkai barrier. King Yama himself assigned Yusuke to kill the demon. They cut him off around mountain like area over looking the city around Genkai's compound.
    You, Botan, Keiko, Shizuru,Yukina and Genkai waited at the compound as the men fought. You hated feeling helpless j
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Happy Birthday Deviant art :iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 3 0 Wide open :iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 5 0 Goose family all grown up :iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 2 0 Goose family :iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 3 0 Ducklings :iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 5 0 Fireworks on the 4th #4 :iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 1 0 Fireworks on the 4th #3 :iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 1 0 Fireworks on the 4th #2 :iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 2 0 Fireworks on the 4th :iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 3 0 Elizabeth Portrait :iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 2 0
Elizabeth Bathory (OC)

 Antagonist of a series I'm making soon for Hellsing.
 Elizabeth Bathory
Alias:  Blood countess, Scarlet or Scar (Alucard)
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference:  Whatever she feels like
Age: Over 500 yrs
Birth date:  August 7,1560
Birthplace: Hungary 
Alignment: N/A
Affiliation: N/A
Occupation: Leader of a cult/Owns Blood banks
Figure: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Skin tone: Pale white
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red
Distinguishing Features: N/A
Personality:  Calculating, Vain, Blood thirsty, control freak, manipulating, lonely, intimidating   
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Juniper :iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 1 0


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I'm sorry everyone but I'm taking a short Hiatus. My computer is on the frizz and a personal injury has made it very painful to type. I'm sorry to everyone, I will try to come back soon   to write     again

Cry forever Gloomy Sad Fluttershy :stare: Inside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness 


Samantha burton
United States
Hello. I'm Samantha but prefer to be called Sam. I am shy at first but I can shine very quickly once you get to know me. Please do not steal from me.

I can do certain requests (negotiate with me) but I can only create from Soul calibur character creation so no animal creations until I'm more experienced in that field.


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